File name            	:DSC_0093.JPG<br />
 File size            	:2.5MB (2584341 bytes)<br />
 Date and time        	:Wed, Apr 7, 2004 9:41:57 AM<br />
 Image size           	:3008 x 1960<br />
 Resolution           	:72 x 72 dpi<br />
 Number of bits       	:8 bits/channel<br />
 Protection           	:Off<br />
 Camera ID            	:N/A<br />
 Model name           	:NIKON D1X<br />
 Quality mode         	:N/A<br />
 Metering mode        	:Multi-pattern<br />
 Exposure mode        	:Manual<br />
 Flash                	:Off<br />
 Focal length         	:17.0 mm<br />
 Shutter speed        	:1/80 seconds<br />
 Aperture             	:F4.0<br />
 Exposure compensation	:0.7 EV<br />
 Fixed white balance  	:N/A<br />
 Lens                 	:N/A<br />
 Flash sync mode      	:N/A<br />
 Exposure difference  	:N/A<br />
 Flexible program     	:N/A<br />
 Sensitivity          	:N/A<br />
 Sharpening           	:N/A<br />
 Curve mode           	:N/A<br />
 Color mode           	:Color<br />
 Tone compensation    	:N/A<br />
 Latitude(GPS)        	:N/A<br />
 Longitude(GPS)       	:N/A<br />
 Altitude(GPS)        	:N/A

I roam where I please.

I am a vagabond and wanderer who seeks out the wonder of the day and place.

In so doing, I record my journeys with camera that which I see in everyday life.

I am an historical documentarian.

My images may not change the World, it changes on its own.

I make images for the love of the medium.

The meaning in my work comes from making a beautiful image out of the mundane.

This is what I offer to the world, the beauty of life.

There is enough ugliness in the world and more than enough photographers who need an emotional outlet.